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30 January 2008

This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.


It’s Exam time again!

24 January 2008

Exam time

On Wednesday my Advanced Spanish class had their Presentation exam – a 15 minute talk on a topic of their choice. One of them had chosen to talk about “The marriage of wine and food”, and provided us with a selection of tapas, and a glass of Fino (dry sherry) and one of a very smart red Rioja (Gran Reserva 2000, no less). Ah, the sacrifices one has to make in the cause of Education! She passed, needless to say.

More pics in my Gallery.

Tags or categories?

24 January 2008

OK – so what’s the difference?

UoB in SL at last!

24 January 2008


My university has just got itself an island on Second Life, and I paid my first visit last night. Nothing much happening there as yet – in fact there won’t be for a while as we haven’t yet got permission for staff or students to access SL via the university network. So far everything has to be done from home. Still, we now have somewhere to try things out. I am a designated ‘Pilot Leader’ – I hope they’re not expecting me to teach people how to fly! Pics here rather than Flickr as the island is not open to the public yet.

[I’m tagging entries here for both blogging4educators and smielt – I’m in both groups and it’s too much hassle to run 2 different blogs]

How do you customise the Header?

16 January 2008

I want to change the text: “Just another weblog”. How do I do it?Well I seem to have managed it, about this time yesterday night. How did I do it?

Last night at the Trevor Arms

15 January 2008

Wall to wall English

Wall to wall English

A pint of Harvey’s Old and an hour of English music = bliss!

OK – so here’s the picture. About 25 tries and I still can’t get it how I want it! What I’d like to do is have the picture link back to the album it belongs to: Trevor Arms. However I can’t see where I can write the link.

– Simple, really: use the Upload Tab, Browse for your file on your desktop, click the Upload Button.; then click on the picture to Select it, click on the Hyperlink icon in the Editing Toolbar, and write/Paste in the url you want to link to. I had expected to be able to use the editing features under the Upload Tab – which also offer the opportunity to put in a url – but these only seem to link to other pages in your Blog or in WordPress.

I had also thought at first that I could use the Image icon in the Editing Toolbar (as in Blogger) – but this only seems to accept images stored online, and it wouldn’t pick up the url of this photo – and .Mac, where the photo is stored, doesn’t offer linking urls like Flickr and other sites do.

And how do I add a sound file to this post?

need to sign up for more space if you want to include sound files??

– Yes, so I’ve paid my $20 and am now allowed to upload sound & video files. But how???

Valmai and Bryan play a beautiful slow tune on their concertinas.

– this is the file, but I can’t get it to play – all it does it link to a file info page.

Hey! It plays!! Don’t ask me how at the moment – I’m not sure I can replicate it. I’ll try again tonight.

Next step – can I use a ‘music’ icon to represent the file here, rather than text as at present?

To be continued . . .

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