It’s Exam time again!

Exam time

On Wednesday my Advanced Spanish class had their Presentation exam – a 15 minute talk on a topic of their choice. One of them had chosen to talk about “The marriage of wine and food”, and provided us with a selection of tapas, and a glass of Fino (dry sherry) and one of a very smart red Rioja (Gran Reserva 2000, no less). Ah, the sacrifices one has to make in the cause of Education! She passed, needless to say.

More pics in my Gallery.


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10 Responses to “It’s Exam time again!”

  1. Gabriela Sellart Says:

    You’re a lucky examiner, Michael!
    Where do you teach? Do you blog in Spanish too?

  2. michalska Says:

    Yes, I teach Spanish at the University of Brighton, UK. In this module the students can choose the topic for their Presentation – this student is doing a degree in Wine Studies at a local college affiliated to the University. Others chose for instance to talk about the North American Free Trade Association, or the Marketing Strategies of Telefónica and Vodaphone in Spain and Chile (Business Studies – how did you guess!), or the Health Services of Honduras and the UK (Medicine), or Malinche, or Anarchism – Alive or Dead (this one’s a lecturer). All very interesting but somehow not as immediately enticing as a dish of olives and a glass of Fino.

    No, I don’t blog in Spanish – but I might try a bit next week. Mira este espacio – ¿cómo se dice “watch this space” en español?

  3. Angela Says:


    I’m feeling so sorry for you right now, having to endure all that.

    How do you make a gallery? Can you help me?



    PS: If you are English, I must say that I do love your country. I studied in London for only three months but I had a wonderful time there. I think it is beautiful. I also visited Cambridge, Oxford, and Porthsmouth (is that how you spell it?).

  4. michalska Says:

    This gallery is made on a Mac – see the Apple logo at the foot of the page. In this case I sent the photos from iPhoto to the gallery you can have if you take out a dotmac account, which costs something like $90 (?), so it’s not really what we’re looking for here. You can do something similar without too much difficulty on sites like Flickr or Picasa, for free.


    PS: Portsmouth? Why Portsmouth?? It’s not a town that’s often found on a “See Britain’ itinerary . . . [Hope there’s no-one from Pompey reading this!]

  5. Gabriela Sellart Says:

    If you ever need a native Spanish speaker (with an Argentine accent), just skype me (gabrielasellart)

  6. carla arena Says:

    Tough life, huh, Michael?!

  7. Berta Says:

    Nice start for your blog, Michael. I hope presenters bring as “interesting” samples to their talks as this girl did.
    As Gabriella mentioned, if you need another Spanish native speaker, do not hesitate to contact me (but with a Venezuelan accent).

    Warm regards from sunny Caracas,

  8. illya arnet-clark Says:

    Sometimes it’s so rewarding to get the students presenting in class. tapas and Fino! my my! 🙂

  9. cristina costa Says:

    That’s the latin way!
    Your students really got into the spirit, let me tell you!
    I am Portuguese, and food is something we are very fond of and which we like to share with others. 🙂
    And nuetros hermanos like that too! 🙂

  10. onelearnersjourney Says:


    And I thought I was lucky that one of my students did a presentation on chocolate!

    Great to see you in both blogging4educators and SMiELT. Congratulations on creating this blog; it will be a great place to reflect on the EVO experience!

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