Tags or categories?

OK – so what’s the difference?


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2 Responses to “Tags or categories?”

  1. carla arena Says:

    Great question, Michalska.

    There’s not a clear boundary, and this is something that is a characteristic of wordpress. Before they only had “categories” that they said worked as tags, but then they added the tagging feature as well. So, what we’ve been doing is to tag our posts in more specific ways and then add them to broader categories. so, you could say that the tags blogging4educators and smielt are under the category EVO08 (though evo08 is also a tag!!!). Maybe somebody else can be more specific about it…It is still a mystery to me. The point is that there won’t be much agreement on the issue as folksonomies really depend on who is tagging (or categorizing?) :=))

  2. Joao Says:

    For me, categories, tags and labels are exactly the same thing, just with different names.

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