UoB in SL at last!


My university has just got itself an island on Second Life, and I paid my first visit last night. Nothing much happening there as yet – in fact there won’t be for a while as we haven’t yet got permission for staff or students to access SL via the university network. So far everything has to be done from home. Still, we now have somewhere to try things out. I am a designated ‘Pilot Leader’ – I hope they’re not expecting me to teach people how to fly! Pics here rather than Flickr as the island is not open to the public yet.

[I’m tagging entries here for both blogging4educators and smielt – I’m in both groups and it’s too much hassle to run 2 different blogs]


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5 Responses to “UoB in SL at last!”

  1. carla arena Says:

    That’s the idea, Michalska! If you tag it, we’ll find you! that’s the power of tagging. If you tag it with a unique tag, in this case, blogging4educators and smielt, then you don’t need to create many online spaces! I was suprised to see you tagged us and curious, too. Probably you’re active in smielt. That’s why I haven’t seen you around in blogging4educators, but great to find you!

    The Blogging Team

  2. michalska Says:

    I’ve been in & out of b4e, mostly out, apart from skim-reading the zillions of posts. We did have a brief Skype text-chat last week. I was also in & out of Bee’s WiziQ session the other day. I probably went under the name michaelshade . . .

  3. carla arena Says:

    Michael, of course! It’s just that I haven’t realized it was you. So how about adding a bit of info to your readers on your about page? I guess it’s the first thing I look for in order to address the blogger properly. Well, just my cheap 2 cents!

  4. Patricia Glogowski Says:

    What’s the plan that your university has for using SL? I have a place on the island of jokadia -Learning Landscapes- and we are planning to develop professional development activities there. http://jokaydia.com/

  5. michalska Says:

    We’ve only just bought the island. Very few staff seem to have had any experience with SL as yet, and even most of the eLearning advanced guard have only a shaky grasp of the potential. So at the moment it’s a question of ‘seeding’ interest by presentations at workshops; last week’s attempt – mentioned in https://michalska.wordpress.com/2008/02/07/a-couple-of-recent-elearning-events/ – was the first time we have been able to demo in-world.

    The ‘plan’ is to spend the next few months trying to interest and involve staff, and working out whether, and how, different areas within the university think they can make use of the environment. Unfortunately the networking people are restricting numbers and bandwidth at the moment, so very few people can access SL from within the university’s network.

    Can we come and have a look at what you’re doing on Jokaydia at some time?

    [btw – how do you cross link to another post in the same blog – without having to put the mile-long url?]

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