Things to follow up

The things you come across when you read other peoples’ posts (and tweets)! Here’s some interesting-looking links suggested by colleagues on the EVO Multiliteracies session, one or two of them even suggested by me:

From Knowledgable to Knowledge-able: Learning in New Media Environments (Michael Wesch)

Digital ethnography blog (Michael Wesch and colleagues)

Modeling Social Media in Groups, Communities, and Networks (Vance Stevens)

How can teachers deal with technology overload? (Vance Stevens)

Making the Shift Happen (Kim Cofino)

E-language wiki (Mark Pegrum)

Creating a Personal Learning Network with Web 2.0 Tools (Michelle Bourgeois, Colleen Glaude, Katie Morrow)

Internet también crea marginados (El País)

Folksonomies – Cooperative Classification and Communication Through Shared Metadata (Adam Mathes)

10 Reasons to use a Blog for your ePortfolio (Barbara Schroeder)

Digital Nation – life on the virtual frontier (PBS video series)

The Virtual Revolution (BBC TV series)

How is the internet changing the way you think? (The Edge, 170 essays)

Ontology is Overrated: Categories, Links, and Tags (Clay Shirky)

Programming Is the New Literacy (Marc Prensky)


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