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Things to follow up 11

20 January 2011

A few things that have caught my eye so far in this year’s iteration of the EVO Multiliteracies seminar. Most are from the Syllabus Outline, some are suggested by other participants; some are follow-ups, others are follow-ups to follow-ups.

10 Rules of Teaching in this Century (Trent Batson – short article; see comments too 🙂 )

Social Networks and Interactive Portfolios: Blurring the Boundaries (Helen Barrett – TEDx Talk)

What is a MOOC? (Dave Cormier – 5-minute video)
How to succeed in a MOOC
(Dave Cormier – Webheads Elluminate session)

Why Educators Should Embrace Texting, Tweeting and All That Mobile Technology Has to Offer (Carol Tilley – Spotlight report)

UK Study Links Technology and Strong Writing Skills (Spotlight report)
How Mobile Cell Phones Change Everything When We Do (Ewan McIntosh)
I Don’t Need Your Network (or Your Computer, or Your Tech Plan, or Your…) (Will Richardson)

Modeling social media in networks and bringing the pieces loosely joined together (Vance Stevens)

Learning 2gether (Webheads – SpeedGeek wiki)

The new open-source economics (Yochai Benkler – TED Talk)
The Wealth of Networks (Yochai Benkler – 500+ page book, free pdf)

Last year’s Things to follow up

25 EduBlogs You Simply Don’t Want to Miss! (Zaid Ali Alsagoff)

I’ll add to this list as we go along. I’ll probably spend the rest of the year reading through it . . .


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