About The Daily Post

At work

Hard at work. Thinking about the issues . . .

I’m Michael Shade, I teach Spanish at the University of Brighton, UK. I also think – but not too much, and sleep, from time to time; the two seem to be related in some way . . .

Thoughts and reports, mostly on emerging technologies and language learning, on popular music, and other bits and pieces.

See Micalet for a sort of a diary.


2 Responses to “About The Daily Post”

  1. carla arena Says:

    Now I know it’s you, Michael! Thanks for considering my comments. At night, I was kind of worried if you would interpret in the right way…I just wanted to give you some constructive feedback as your blog looks so neat.

  2. vance stevens Says:

    Me too. It took me quite a few clicks to track back from a post that was backed linked to this blog and work my way from the anonymity of that post to the “about” link and arrive on Michael’s picture here. Ssshhh I don’t want to disturb him, but it appears that when he sleeps, he generates thoughts that come out quite nicely when he’s awake. I’ll just post this quietly and tiptoe outta here …

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