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How do you customise the Header?

16 January 2008

I want to change the text: “Just another weblog”. How do I do it?Well I seem to have managed it, about this time yesterday night. How did I do it?


Last night at the Trevor Arms

15 January 2008

Wall to wall English

Wall to wall English

A pint of Harvey’s Old and an hour of English music = bliss!

OK – so here’s the picture. About 25 tries and I still can’t get it how I want it! What I’d like to do is have the picture link back to the album it belongs to: Trevor Arms. However I can’t see where I can write the link.

– Simple, really: use the Upload Tab, Browse for your file on your desktop, click the Upload Button.; then click on the picture to Select it, click on the Hyperlink icon in the Editing Toolbar, and write/Paste in the url you want to link to. I had expected to be able to use the editing features under the Upload Tab – which also offer the opportunity to put in a url – but these only seem to link to other pages in your Blog or in WordPress.

I had also thought at first that I could use the Image icon in the Editing Toolbar (as in Blogger) – but this only seems to accept images stored online, and it wouldn’t pick up the url of this photo – and .Mac, where the photo is stored, doesn’t offer linking urls like Flickr and other sites do.

And how do I add a sound file to this post?

need to sign up for more space if you want to include sound files??

– Yes, so I’ve paid my $20 and am now allowed to upload sound & video files. But how???

Valmai and Bryan play a beautiful slow tune on their concertinas.

– this is the file, but I can’t get it to play – all it does it link to a file info page.

Hey! It plays!! Don’t ask me how at the moment – I’m not sure I can replicate it. I’ll try again tonight.

Next step – can I use a ‘music’ icon to represent the file here, rather than text as at present?

To be continued . . .

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